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why on earth would we want to help you cut the cord?

If you’re reading this, you’ve gotta be wondering: Why would the people who provide me “the cord” be talking to me about cutting it? Isn’t WOW! all about bundles and packages and trying to get me to buy more TV?

The facts are the facts, and trends are trends, and WOW!’s ultimate motivation is to keep our customers happy. Even if they want to cut the cord.

The Facts

We are small, relative to the Big Guys of cable television. The Big Guys get better pricing on network and cable television channels. But whether you’re a Big Guy or a Smaller Guy, the truth is that network and cable television providers are raising their prices on us every year.

The same is true of on-demand. We get that our on-demand catalog will probably never be as vast as the Big Guys. That’s why we offer what we can offer on-demand – and we also offer you direct access to Netflix. You want to get access to that kind of content anyway, so we’re making it easier for you to get there.

We get it that you still want to watch TV, just differently. That’s why we decided to help you figure it all out. No really! It’s true.

cut the cord


Simple and Fast

Heads-up -- nothing actually gets cut when someone “cuts the cord”! Rather, “cutting the cord” means canceling a video subscription, usually in favor of getting video over the Internet from an “over the top” provider, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, or Hulu, among others.

A companion term -- “cord shaving” -- involves removing packages and services from your video bill to save money.


There’s no hard and fast answer to this. It really does depend on what you like to watch. Like everything else, cutting the cord has its pros and cons.

Step 1: Start the decision process by making a list of what you watch - shows and networks/channels.

Step 2: Consider what OTT alternatives you’re considering.

Step 3: Compare the list of what you watch, to the services/devices you’re considering, to make sure you’ll be able to access your favorite shows/networks.

Step 4: “Do the math.” Subscribing to every major OTT video service could cost about $70/month. Adding in another service or two could quickly raise your monthly budget.

cord cutting pros and cons

The “con” side depends on you, and how you watch television. People who enjoy a lot of live sports, on-demand movies, and live/primetime television will have a harder time finding those things online. As a result, subscribing to some level of cable TV might be the right choice for you.


Players in the over-the-top video space


The device community makes ways to transform ordinary TVs into “smart”/Internet-connected TVs. Examples include Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast. The device scene also includes makers of game consoles (PlayStation; Xbox), TVs, and DVD players. 

Who's who of providers


The providers of online video services typically differentiate themselves along two parameters: library depth, and device support. Library depth means how much content they have, from how many networks and movie studios. Device support means how many brands and types of screens -- Internet-connected or “smart” TVs, tablets, mobile devices -- they support.


Behind the curious term that is Over the Top video

The term “over the top” refers to the delivery of video services over the high speed Internet connections. A common example is Netflix, which provides video streaming services over the Internet to connected TVs, laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Most cable companies don’t offer Netflix, because they consider it to be a competitor to their on-demand content. Our position is, you’re going there anyway, so, why not make it easy for you to do so? For that reason, with WOW!, you can navigate your way to your Netflix account via the traditional cable “guide,” or by clicking your way to it on your computer, tablet, or smart phone with our ULTRA Entertainment Experience. To learn more about Ultra, click here.

Bottom line is this: If you want to cut the cord, you’ll still need a fast, reliable Internet connection, and we’d like to help you get it.

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