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WOW! Whole-Home WiFi

Amplify your WiFi

Your best moments deserve the best Internet, no matter what room you’re in. Add Whole-Home WiFi at checkout for as little as $9.99/mo. and get super-fast, seamless coverage for every device in every room, including your garage & outdoor space.

Optimize your WOW! Internet plan by adding Whole-Home WiFi

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Reduce buffering zones

Reliable coverage in every room, no gaps, pauses, or excuses.

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Get coverage wherever you want it

Enjoy the full power of your WOW! connection, anywhere in your home.

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Control and monitor access

Set up, view, and manage your internet from your device.

With the included app,

You’re in charge

  • Keep an eye on your network speed and which devices are connected.
  • Monitor data usage by device to make sure you’re not going over your limits.
  • Use parental controls to create device profiles and set schedules for internet breaks.
  • Diagnose issues and get tips to keep your network running smoothly.
  • Easily share your network or create one just for guests.

Add a subscription for

more protection, more control

Add an eero Secure or eero Plus subscription to your WOW! Whole-Home WiFi* to better monitor your usage, increase your privacy, and tighten your security¹.

eero Secure

Enhance your eero with services to keep your devices safe and secure.

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    Content filtering

    Ad Blocking icon

    Ad/site blocking

    Activity icon

    Network use by person

    Security icon

    Tracking prevention


eero Plus

Amplify eero with DDNS and access to three top-rated security apps.

    Everything in eero Secure, plus

    1Password icon


    encrypt.Me icon

    Malwarebyte icon



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Ready for feature-packed, full-control Internet?

Add Whole-Home WiFi to any WOW! Internet plan for as low as $9.99/mo.

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Still have questions?

  • What is the coverage range for WOW! Whole Home WiFi?

    WOW! Whole-Home WiFi is powered by eero devices and the WiFi coverage varies by device.

    • eero 6: up to 1,500 square feet per device
    • eero 5 Base or Beacon: up to 1,500 square feet per device
  • Does eero 6 work with previous generations of eeros?

    All eeros are compatible with each other no matter when they were released. It is important to note however that in every network you must use an eero with an Ethernet port on the back so you can connect it to your modem.

    eero Beacons can only be used with other eeros. In order to add a Beacon to your network, they will need to be added through the eero app and connected to a gateway eero that is connected to your upstream modem or device via Ethernet.

  • What internet speeds do WOW! Whole-Home WiFi devices support?

    WOW! Whole-Home WiFi is powered by eero devices and speeds vary by device and the speed you’ve enrolled in. Maximum internet speeds are also subject to the method of connecting to the Internet (wired vs wireless), the limits of Ethernet ports (e.g., when using a 1Gbps Ethernet port, your actual speed to a single device will generally be up to 940Mbps over a hardwired connection), the location, number and capability of WiFi devices and connected devices, the number of devices connected and other factors outside of WOW!’s control.

    eero 6:

    • Max Ethernet Speed is 940Mbps
    • Max Wireless is 900 Mbps from base device
    • 450 Mbps per additional device within mesh network

    eero 5:

    • Max Ethernet Speed is 940Mbps
    • Max Wireless is 650 Mbps from base device
    • 350 Mbps per additional device within mesh network