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No annual contracts. IconNo annual contracts. Say goodbye at any time. We hope you won’t - but you can.
30-day guarantee. Icon30-day guarantee. Love it or leave it and get your money back. What's to lose?
Award-winning service. IconAward-winning service. Always. We're here for you, 24/7.
WOW! Price Lock Promise. IconWOW! Price Lock Promise. Your monthly rate won't go up as long as you stay with the same speed. We promise.
WiFi modem included. IconWiFi modem included. Love your modem? Great. If not, use ours.
Free self-install kit. IconFree self-install kit. DIY in 1-2-3, or have us do it for you.
Peace of mind-blowing
WOW! modem rental

Peace of mind-blowing

The right hardware and the right connection. A modem powerful enough to deliver blazing-fast WiFi throughout your home is included for 12 months on speeds up to 1 Gig and free for life with a continuous subscription to Internet 1.2 Gig. Equipment included for 12+ months

Unleash your WOW! fiber Internet
Whole-Home WiFi

Unleash your WOW! fiber Internet

Get a strong signal no matter what room you’re in - even the garage and patio!


  • What equipment is required for WOW! Internet?

    You’ll use a modem to connect to WOW! internet and you have the option to either lease one from WOW! or bring your own. If you choose to bring your own, take a look at which modems are compatible with your WOW! Internet speed here.

    You can extend your lightning-fast WOW! Internet into every room by adding WOW! Whole-Home WiFi. You’ll be provided 2 eero devices to get you started and even more can be added. This mesh system of eero connected devices creates a WiFi network that works in your whole home.

  • How secure is WOW! Internet?

    WOW! Internet includes network level security that is easy to use with no settings or management. Your protection is always on and running as a first line of defense for all of the devices in your home. This security helps protect you from viruses, malware and phishing. Within our security, the Network Safety Blocking Feature also helps block you from visiting malicious domains and URLs. Security is provided with maximum efficiency - no slow-downs caused on your devices and zero reminders to update any applications. On top of that, you can rest assured that WOW! iIs continually working to implement updates and enhancements to our network. View our complete network practices here.

    When you choose WOW! Whole-Home WiFi you can add an eero security package to better monitor your usage, increase your privacy, and tighten your security. Learn more about eero Secure and eero Plus here.

  • What is download speed? Upload speed?

    Download speed is the time it takes for your computer to access a webpage from a server. Upload speed is the time it takes for your computer to send information to a remote computer. For example, a higher download speed means that your browser will load pictures from a photo sharing website faster. A higher upload speed means that you will be able to post videos to that same website more quickly than someone with a slower speed.

    Your service speed reflects the maximum wired speed delivered to your location. The actual speed available to your connected device will vary, depending upon the method of connecting to the Internet (wired vs. wireless), the limits of Ethernet ports (e.g., when using a 1Gbps Ethernet port, your actual speed to a single device will generally be up to 940Mbps over a hardwired connection), the location, number and capability of WiFi devices and connected devices, and other factors outside of WOW!’s control.

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