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It's easy to take WOW! to your new home.

It's easy to stay connected to the things you love.


Give WOW! a call to tell us when & where you're moving. Choose self-installation, or a professional technician can do the work for you.

Call 1-877-MOVE-WOW

Pack your WOW! equipment and take it with you.

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Once you connect your equipment you can relax, you're all set!

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Installation is a breeze

Self Installation

You’ve got this. Our Self-Install Kit comes with a simple guide to help you get the Internet up and running in your new place, lickety-split. Just call us and let us know you’re doing it yourself. A technician will handle the outside wiring first, so we’ll set up a time when you’ll be home so they can give you the Self-Install Kit once they’re done.

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Customize your services to fit your new home needs

Increase Your Speed

    Give all of your devices the speed they're begging for, up to 1.2G!

    Do it all, even faster - download HD movies, stream 4K video, play multiplayer games online

Add Whole-Home WiFi

    Amplify your WiFi to every room in the house

    Add security to protect your network and your family

WOW! Mobile

    Get a discount on WOW! mobile when you have WOW! Internet

    Enjoy service with the nation's largest and fastest 5G network

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Ready to plan your move?

Give us a call and we'll help you move your service and schedule your installation.

Call 1-877-MOVE-WOW

Moving FAQs

  • How do I transfer my WOW! service to a new home?

    It's easy to stay connected with the things you love! Following these 4 simple steps to bring WOW! with you when you move:

    1. Check to see if WOW! services are available in your area here.
    2. Give WOW! a call to tell us when & where you're moving. (877-MOVE-WOW) We'll help you set up installation (tech-assisted self-installation or a full professional technician visit) and update your services to match your new home needs.
    3. Pack your WOW! equipment and take it with you.
    4. Activate your services and install your equipment on the day of your choosing. We'll help ensure you're ready on day 1!
  • When should I notify WOW! before I move?

    Please contact WOW! as early in your move process as you can so we can ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

    Before arranging for your services to be moved to your new home we'll need to confirm that WOW! services are available in your new area. We'll also schedule a technician-assisted self-installation or professional technician visit so you're up and running on the day you move in. If you opt to update your services (a higher internet speed, more WiFi coverage, additional mobile or tv+ services) we'll make sure that all the right equipment is in your hands that day too.

    But if you're moving day changes, don't worry - we can adjust your installation date too!

  • How will moving affect my services or billing?

    When you move we'll adjust your service address, which will result in changes to mandated taxes and fees. You can also opt to update your service needs to suit your new household's need:

    • Increase your Internet speed to all of your devices. The speed they're begging for, up to 1.2G!
    • Add Whole-Home WiFi to bring super-fast, reliable Internet to every room in your house
    • Add WOW! Mobile and get a discount on mobile services when you have WOW! internet
    • Add WOW! tv+ for one easy-to-use experience for TV, movies, music, on-demand, streaming apps
  • How long does it take to transfer service to a new house?

    The time it takes to transfer WOW! service to a new house depends on your situation and where you’re moving, but generally it takes about four days. A WOW! representative can share a more detailed timeline with you when you discuss your upcoming move.