Newnan customers, welcome to WOW!

NuLink is becoming WOW!  Welcome to the ultimate Internet experience.

WOW! isn't a new company, we've been successfully delivering high-speed Internet, TV, and home phone services to residential and business customers for over 25 years. 

We appreciate your patience over the past several months as we worked hard to invest in the network and transition your NuLink services to WOW!. And now, we're proud to deliver you a more reliable network with the fastest speeds at the best value, a convenient online customer portal and billing statement, and award-winning 24/7 customer service. 

Here's what you can expect from WOW!: 

  • We've made significant investments to build a faster, more reliable network that will keep you connected to the things you love.
  • With WOW!, you'll get the most Internet for your money - plus, we don't have contracts and new customers always get a risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.
  • WOW!'s super-fast Internet has all of the megabits that you'll ever need with speeds up to a blistering 1 Gig per second.
  • WOW! gives you the control to choose the Internet speeds and entertainment and phone options that work best for you and your family.
  • WOW! is bringing a new convenient and easy-to-use online customer portal to manage your account and view your bill.
  • We have award-winning, 24/7 customer service that will give you answers that don't lead to more questions.
  • WOW! Business provides advanced telephony services, office-to-office metro Ethernet services, high throughput internet access, hosted voice products, and session-initiated protocol trunking services.




Internet Speeds up to 1 Gig

That's right, our Internet speeds have been upgraded to 1 Gig!

Commercial and Residential customers, we have Internet speeds of up to 1 Gig for your home or business, with the same great deals you've known, only better.

Check out our deals on Internet speeds and whole-home wifi options.



Up to 100 Mbps

Good for personal use, multi-device streaming, web browsing, and social media



Up to 200 Mbps

Internet speed made for the consumer who needs the reliability and consistency of a fast connection across multiple devices.



Up to 500 Mbps

Extreme speed for heavy usage on multiple simultaneous devices, quickly download large files, and great for multiplayer gaming.



Up to 1 Gig

Our fastest speed for the consumer who wants it all. Absolute speed for gaming, HD streaming, video conferencing, to YouTube uploads.
*1 Gig Internet may not be available in all areas.




Upgraded Account Manager

Our Online Account Manager enables much more digital control!

Bill AutoPay

Manage your bill AutoPay preferences & payment methods

Live Chat with Customer Care

Connect with customer care in real-time with our logged in live chat support

Manage Equipment

Set up, monitor, and troubleshoot your equipment

Manage Users & Preferences

Manage the users connected to your account, add parental controls, and set communication preferences

Access your Profile

Access past bill statements & update your contact information

Access your Email

Log in and access your WOW! affiliated email account

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact for support?
Residential customers can call WOW! at 770-683-6988 between 7:00am and 11:45pm EST. Business customers can call WOW! Business 24/7 at 770-683-3368.


Will my bill change?
Your pricing isn’t changing, but your billing statement will look different with the WOW! logo and new section headings and categories. You may see product and service items appear in new sections or they may be labeled differently from statements you previously received from NuLink.


Will my payment due date change?
Yes. Starting with the November billing statement, your monthly payment will now be due 18 days after your billing date.


Where do I send my payment?
The remit address for payments has changed to PO BOX 4350, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4350, which will also be indicated on your next billing statement.


How do I sign up for AutoPay again?
If you were previously enrolled in AutoPay with NuLink, recurring payments stopped withdrawing in October. After November 4, you will need to make a one-time payment for November and set up AutoPay to resume in December by calling us at 770-683-6988 or by registering your account and using the WOW! Online Account Manager at


How do I update my account with my banking institution?
If you use a bill pay system such as those provided by banking institutions, you will need to change the company name you’re making a payment to from NuLink to WOW! and provide your new WOW! account number.


What is the WOW! Online Account Manager?
This is your one-stop shop to manage your account, view and pay your bill, live chat with us, and more. You can register your account at on or after November 4, using the last four digits of your new WOW! account number which will be included in your November billing statement.


Is my email address changing?
If you currently have an email account at, your email address will stay the same. Starting on November 4, you’ll need to register in WOW! Online Account Manager at to continue accessing your email inbox. We’ll send your new WOW! account number along with easy instructions to register on November 4.

Plan:  Internet 200

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