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Grid Guide Button

Miss the old on-screen grid guide format? Press the red GRID button on your remote to change the Smart Menu guide to the grid layout. Press the GRID button again to return to the Smart Menu layout.

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Using Parental Controls

ULTRA has many parental control options. Go to the Settings category and find Parental Controls to activate the settings. For added flexibility, there are two types of ratings controls: TV and Movie. Make sure to adjust each to the desired level for your home. Remember to set parental controls for each Media Player individually.

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Zoom Button

Press the ZOOM button on the remote to alternate between the Mini TV display and full-screen TV, anywhere in the Smart Menu. This acts like an EXIT button on other remotes, allowing you to exit the Smart Menu to return to full-screen TV.

Menu Button

From wherever you are in the Smart Menu, pressing MENU returns you back one step at a time through the levels of the menu back to the Category Cards. Press MENU twice to go directly to TV Channels category.

Manage Your TV Online

Your ULTRA experience isn't limited to your TV! From the WOW! Customer Homepage: you can easily manage your recordings, search TV listings, and set up apps. Check it out by logging onto the WOW! Customer Homepage:, selecting ‘TV' then ‘Manage My TV.'

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Viewing Future Programs

You can view TV listings up to two weeks in advance with your remote. If you are in one of the TV Categories and want to view shows in the future, press the NEXT button to jump forward a half hour or SKIP to move forward an entire day. Want to go back in time? Press the BACK button to go back a half hour or REPLAY to go back an entire day.

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VOD Category Tip

In the Smart Menu, layers of content are organized more like folders on your computer than your typical TV guide. Some categories, like VOD, have subcategories. Scroll horizontally through these subcategories to view more programming displayed in a vertical list. When in a subcategory, press MENU on your remote control to go up one level, or exit the menu by pressing ZOOM on your remote control.


Learn more about HomeConnect and the approved DLNA® servers by logging onto the WOW! Customer Homepage, selecting ‘TV' then ‘Manage My TV.' From there, go to ‘TV Apps' and find the HomeConnect app.

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Flip Bar Tip

Pressing CLEAR on your remote control lets you exit the flip bar. It can also be used to dismiss the Caller ID to TV flip bar, so you can pause a show and take an incoming call. First press CLEAR to remove the Caller ID flip bar, and then press PAUSE so you don't miss any of your show when you answer the call.

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Deleting a Recording in the Recorded TV Category

When viewing the list of recorded shows in the Recorded TV category, you can easily delete a recording by bring the program in focus that you want to delete and then pressing the CLEAR button on the bottom of your remote control.