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Information about iOS and Android Phones / Tablets

Any customer wanting to use their iOS or Android phone or tablet to watch WOW tv+ must own their own device, as WOW! does not provide or sell them. Some WOW! tv+ features will not be available with your iOS or Android phone and tablets, including the ability to rent videos OnDemand, access the Google Play Store and use your WOW! tv+ Google Voice Assistant remote. To access these features, you must use your WOW! tv+ box.

The iOS and Android applications are in BETA status. This means that the application is still under feature development, and we are looking for your feedback on how we can improve our new application. You can expect there to be different or missing features that we are still working on improving and adding. If you are a current WOW! tv+ subscriber and have suggestions to improve your app experience, please use our feedback widget on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

While we are here to help make the installation process as smooth as possible, our ability to provide technical support may be limited as iOS and Android phones and tablets are not WOW!-commissioned equipment. If you need further assistance with your phone or tablet, please reference your installation guide or contact Apple or Google support. Your use of Android phones and tablets may require a separate subscription or account and may be subject to other terms of use, restrictions, conditions and policies. iOS and all related marks are trademarks of Apple, Inc or its affiliates, which are not affiliated with WOW!. Android and all related marks are trademarks of Google or its affiliates, which are not affiliated with WOW!.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of devices can I download the WOW! tv+ streaming app on?

    The WOW! tv+ app is available on iOS and Android platforms. This includes both cell phones as well as tablets.

  • What devices can I use the mobile and tablet application on?

    The mobile and tablet application will work on most iOS and Android in production today. However, there are currently a few devices that are not compatible. These include:

    • Device: Pixel, Model: Pixel 3a, Android version: 11
    • Device: Samsung Galaxy J7, Model: Galaxy J7 2016, Android version: 8.1
    • Device: Samsung Galaxy J6, Model: Galaxy SM-J600FN/DS, Android version: 9
  • How many devices can I stream at the same time?

    You are able to stream up to 3 mobile / tablet devices concurrently.

  • Do my WOW! tv+ boxes or Fire TV sticks count within the 3 concurrent streams?

    No, WOW! tv+ boxes are not included within the 3 concurrent stream limitation.

  • How do I download the app on my mobile device or tablet?

    The app is available in your iOS or Android store. Within the store, simply search for "Watch WOW!" or “WOW!” and the app will appear in your search. Once you select the app, download it to your device.

  • How do I log in to the WOW! app on my device?

    Simply enter your WOW! tv+ username and password to authenticate into your app.

  • Can I rent movies on my mobile or tablet device?

    Currently, rentals can only be purchased on the WOW! tv+ box. Once you rent the movie on your WOW! tv+ box, the rental will then appear in the “My Rentals” menu option of your mobile / tablet application. Now you can watch your rented content on your mobile or tablet device!

  • Why can’t I rent a movie on my mobile / tablet device?

    While we understand this is not convenient, we are not able to offer Pay-Per-View rental or purchasing ability on third-party devices. You must rent any titles from your WOW! tv+ box, and then your rental will appear on your device and be available for viewing. Please note, it can take up to 1 hour for a new rental to appear on your Fire TV Sticks or phone / tablet.

  • I rented a movie on my WOW! tv+ box, but it isn’t showing up on my mobile / tablet app.

    It can take up to 60 minutes for your movie to appear on your mobile or tablet app. If the movie does not appear after 60 minutes, please contact WOW! Support.

  • Can I watch a Pay-Per-View (PPV) event on my mobile / tablet device?

    PPV events and PPV channels are not available on the mobile / tablet device for viewing or purchasing. PPV events and channels will soon be available for viewing on the WOW! tv+ box.

  • Why can’t I watch adult content on my mobile / tablet device?

    We do not offer any adult content on mobile / tablet devices. Adult content will soon be available for viewing on the WOW! tv+ box.

  • Are all of my channels available on my mobile / tablet device?

    To view and stream all of your available channels on your mobile / tablet device, you must be on your WOW! Home Internet connection. If you are not on your WOW! Home Internet connection, you will only be able to stream some of your channels. Not all channels are available “out of home” or off of your WOW! Home Internet Connection. You will receive a “not available” message when trying to watch content that is not available out of home.

  • Are recordings available on mobile / tablet devices?

    Currently, you are able to view all of your recordings on your mobile / tablet device. Setting a recording, deleting a recording or managing your recordings can only be done from your WOW! tv+ box. We are currently working on making these features available on your mobile / tablet device as well.

  • Will recordings set on my mobile / tablet device also be available on my WOW! tv+ box, and vice versa?

    Once we have the capability of setting a recording on your mobile / tablet device, they will become available on your WOW! tv+ box. All recordings stored on your WOW! tv+ box will be available on your mobile / tablet device.

  • Will the WOW! mobile / tablet app stream using my mobile data? Or does my device need to be connected to an Internet connection to stream any content?

    An Internet connection is not required to stream the WOW! app, however, you will want to verify with your phone provider if there are any data limitations or charges before streaming.

  • Are there parental controls on the mobile / tablet app?

    Currently, the parental controls feature is under development and will be added to the mobile / tablet app very soon.

  • Are catch up and start over available on the mobile / tablet app?

    Yes, these features are available on the mobile / tablet app as well as the WOW! tv+ box.

  • Can I set a reminder for events or programs on the mobile / tablet app?

    Yes, you are able to set reminders that will also appear on your WOW! tv+ box.

  • Is the “Networks” menu option available on the mobile / tablet app?

    No, currently the "Networks" menu option is not available on the mobile / tablet app.

  • Is the channel grid guide available on the mobile / tablet app?

    Yes, it is. To access the grid guide, select “TV Guide” in your app menu, then select the calendar icon on the bottom of your screen. You will now see dates available to choose, select “Today." You will now see the grid guide for all channels available.

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