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Information about the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Any customer wanting to use their Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch WOW tv+ must own their own device, as WOW! does not provide or sell them. Fire TV Sticks are available at Amazon and other retailers. Some WOW! tv+ features will not be available with your Amazon Fire TV Stick, including the ability to rent videos OnDemand, access the Google Play Store and use your WOW! tv+ Google Voice Assistant remote. To access these features, you must use your WOW! tv+ box. 

While we are here to help make the installation process as smooth as possible, our ability to provide technical support may be limited as the Amazon Fire TV Stick is not WOW!-commissioned equipment. If you need further assistance with your Fire TV Stick, please reference your installation guide or contact Amazon support. Your use of the Amazon Fire TV Stick may require a separate subscription or account and may be subject to other terms of use, restrictions, conditions and policies. Amazon, Fire TV and all related marks are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates, which are not affiliated with WOW!.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an Amazon account to use the Fire TV Stick and WOW! tv+?
Yes, in order to use the Amazon Fire Stick you will need to set up an account with Amazon.


Do my Amazon and WOW! email and passwords need to be the same?
No. Your Amazon and WOW! email and password can be different.


How do I set up my Amazon Fire TV Stick?
Please refer to the Amazon support page for setting up your Amazon device.


I can’t find my Amazon email and password. What do I do?
Please reach out to Amazon for assistance, as WOW! is not able to troubleshoot Amazon associated emails or passwords.


How do I enter channel numbers with my Fire TV Stick to tune to a live channel?
Since the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote does not have a number pad, there is currently no way to enter a channel number to tune to a specific linear channel. You will need to use the WOW! tv+ TV Guide which can be found on the main menu area of the WOW! tv+ home screen.


I am not able to pair my Fire TV Stick remote. What do I do?
Please refer to Amazon’s support article on remote pairing.


Do the Fire TV Stick's parental control settings also control WOW! tv+ parental controls?
No, in order to manage parental controls with WOW! tv+ go to the WOW! tv+ settings area (gear icon in the top left of the WOW! Home screen), and select Parental Control Settings. This will allow you to set your parental controls for WOW! tv+ only.


Can I use my WOW! tv+ box remote on my Fire TV Stick?
No, only the Amazon Fire TV remote will work on the Fire TV Stick. Also, only the WOW! tv+ provided remote will work with your leased WOW! tv+ box.


Not all of my subscribed channels are appearing on the Fire TV Stick.
To ensure that you have the correct channels showing, check that your Amazon Fire TV Stick is connected to your WOW! Network. Then, refer to the online channel lineup for WOW! tv+ and verify against your WOW! tv+ on-screen guide. If you find that you are missing channels, please contact our support team.


A third-party application on my Fire TV Stick is not working as expected. What do I do?
Please visit the Amazon support page for assistance.

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