Whole-Home HD DVR

Ultra: Whole-Home HD DVR

6 Tuners = Never having to choose between shows again!

Six tuners mean the connected devices in your life can simultaneously watch six channels. Is your favorite team playing on the same night and time as your two favorite TV shows? You can record and watch all three at once. AND you can even record up to THREE more programs at the same time if the need arises. You NEVER have to choose between programs again!

500 Gigs of Goodness

Also inside: 500 Gigabytes of solid-state storage, which means you can record and store around 75 hours of your favorite TV shows and movies, all in HD. And, if that’s not enough, we’ve included a port so that you can connect your own external hard drive.

Unlimited Trick Play Modes

The ULTRA DVR comes with live “trick play” features, so that you can rewind, pause, and fast forward your way through your favorite shows, on all of your connected devices -- with no limitations. (Some cloud-based video providers disable trick-play modes on any device that isn’t the primary TV.)

Fast Forward to Your Heart’s Delight

One of the greatest things about an in-home DVR is that you can fast-forward through the ads in the stuff you store. Whatever you choose to do with that extra time you get back is up to you!

There’s An App For That!

Download the ULTRA app and never again have that forehead-smack moment -- aaag, I forgot to set the DVR to record that show, and now I’m at work! Great for managing your digital life when you’re not at home. Works on Android and Apple devices.

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