Live TV. On- Demand. Streaming.
ULTRA does it all.

ULTRA is a smarter, simpler way to experience entertainment

a whole-home HD DVR for the entire house

6 tuners. 500 gigs of storage. Never miss a thing.

  • Record up to 6 HD shows at once
  • Store up to 300 hours of Standard Definition programming
  • Store up to 75 hours of High Definition programming
  • Or, connect an external hard drive for even more storage
  • Record, fast-forward, pause and rewind live TV.
  • Pause a recorded show the living room, and resume in the bedroom -- or anywhere you have an ULTRA-connected TV.

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ultra whole-home hd dvr

You love Netflix, and we’re right there with you. We’ve made it easy to access your Netflix account -- it’s just a click away using ULTRA’s Smart Menu.

  • Simply log in to Netflix using your existing Netflix account info
  • Or, sign up for a free trial and explore all kinds of new shows and movies

Can’t stand interruptions and buffering while you’re trying to watch Netflix? Don’t worry. WOW! is highly-ranked on Netflix’s ISP speed index in your area for Netflix streaming performance during peak hours.

Netflix streaming membership is required.

Want to rock out while you tidy up the living room or impress guests with your party playlist? Pandora is included in ULTRA’s Smart Menu, so it’s easy to access your account, on any ULTRA-connected screen.

  • Simply log in to Pandora using your existing Pandora account info.
  • Or, sign up on and start listening to your favorite stations
Pandora membership is required.



Whether you use YouTube to watch the news, get the latest workout, or learn a new skill without leaving your living room, ULTRA has got you covered.

  • Access the biggest variety of videos online, news channels and more
  • Or, log in to your YouTube account to watch saved playlists or catch up favorite channels and subscriptions

YouTube account not required to gain access.

ultra's Smart Menu. Effortless searching and browsing. So you can get down to watching.

Only search once

Simply enter a keyword and ULTRA’s Smart Menu will search for content across categories, channels, On-Demand, recorded shows, and live TV. Yes, with only one search.

List by category

Quickly figure out what’s available to watch. Display programming by categories like news, sports, kids and movies. And, see everything that’s on live TV and recorded TV and what’s available in HD.

Personalize your TV

Display only the channels you want to watch and hide the ones you don’t.

Grid guide

Prefer to scan channels the traditional way? You can switch over from the Smart Menu to the familiar guide with the push of a button.

Additional features you’ll only get with ULTRA

  • Manage your DVR, schedule recordings on the go and more with the ULTRA App
  • Watch videos, slideshows, photos and more that you’ve saved on your computer, on your TV
  • Set and manage parental controls from anywhere

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DLNA® software is required to access personal content between your computer and TV.

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