Additional Features

Ultra: Additional Features


The ULTRA app allows you to manage your DVR, search the guide, and schedule recordings from your mobile device at home or on the go. It also has full functionality of a remote control. The ULTRA app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Watch The Stuff Stored on Your Computer on Your TV

Why scroll through those vacation photos and videos on the small screen? With ULTRA, you can see the stuff you’ve stored on your computer on the big screen. Home movies, photographs, music -- it rides ULTRA’s wireless network between your screens.

Parental Control From Anywhere

Customize parental controls settings for each TV in your home. Have one set of controls for the kids room and another for the guest room. Also, if you're out of town but still need to change your settings, you can do so remotely.

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