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WOW! Internet for Education: Affordable Internet Access for Qualifying Students and Schools

We’re connecting students and families to WOW!’s high-speed Internet network.

Only $9.99 per qualifying account, per month.


Fast, Reliable Broadband Internet for Remote Learning

Now more than ever, no family should be without access to a stable, high-speed Internet connection. At WOW!, we believe in empowering families and communities, removing barriers, and opening up the world of possibilities for the leaders of tomorrow. As part of our WOW! Internet for Education initiative, we’ve partnered with the American Communications Association (ACA) and their K-12 Bridge to Broadband Program to provide low-cost home broadband subscriptions in qualifying school districts across the country. Qualified participants in our WOW! Internet for Education program will be eligible to receive our WOW! Internet Select 50 plan at their home. For just $9.99 per qualifying account, per month the WOW! Internet Select 50 plan includes*:

High-Speed Internet


Standard WOW! Modem


Free Self-Installation Kit


*Households and schools must satisfy eligibility requirements established by WOW! in order to receive WOW! Internet Select 50. Open to new subscribers only, with no outstanding obligations to WOW!. WOW! may require proof of eligibility. Eligibility, service features, terms, policies, and prices are subject to change. Re-qualification may be required. Additional services may not be added to the WOW! Internet Select 50 plan. This service is limited to HSD only and may NOT be combined with: phone, video or Whole-Home WiFi. Service upgrades are not permitted. May not be combined with other offers and discounts. Standard terms and conditions of service and acceptable use policy apply.


WOW! is committed to learning, connection and continuity

More than 9.7 million students in the US don’t have reliable Internet at home. And with schools forced into virtual learning environments, the need for secure, high-speed access is urgent and critical. WOW! affirms and commits to these five pillars:

SPONSORED SERVICE The WOW! Internet Select 50 plan provides high-quality, low-cost broadband Internet service directly to school districts who can purchase on behalf of unconnected, qualifying families.

IDENTIFY STUDENT NEED WOW! works with school districts to identify families in need and to ensure participants are able to get up and running fast, so valuable learning opportunities won’t be lost.

STANDARDIZE ELIGIBILITY As part of WOW!’s Internet for Education program, we commit to setting fair requirements for program eligibility.

FACILITATE ENROLLMENT WOW! pledges to minimize barriers of program entry for qualifying schools and families. For qualifying households, we will minimize the amount of information required to receive WOW! Internet Select 50.

PROTECT PRIVACY WOW! will never sell school-supplied information, and we will never use it to target program families with marketing offers or other unsolicited communications.

Benefits for Qualifying Students and Schools in our WOW! Internet for Education Program



Low-cost connectivity for qualifying households.


Easy enrollment process, set up and support.


No contracts and no credit checks.

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • How do I know if I qualify?

    In order to qualify, households:

    • Must have a student participating in the federally-assisted National School Lunch Program
    • Must be located within a WOW! serviceable area
    • Must not be currently subscribed to WOW! services
    • Must not have an overdue WOW! bill or unreturned equipment less than 12 months old

    Our WOW! Internet for Education program, with access to the WOW! Internet Select 50 plan, will first be available to children and families in select school districts, and it will expand to other WOW!-serviceable districts in the near future. Eligibility requirements are subject to change.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you qualify for the WOW! Internet Select 50 plan in a participating district, school administration will reach out to you directly and provide the information you need to get started.

    Currently, customers must be on a prequalified list in order to receive WOW! Internet Select 50 services at their household.

Get started with our WOW! Internet for Education program

School districts

To learn more about this WOW!-sponsored broadband program, please contact us below, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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Pre-qualified customers

If your school district has notified you of your household’s eligibility, please email us and we will contact you shortly.

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WOW! Internet Select 50 customers can reach out any time — for tech support or with any questions and concerns.

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