How do I manage my account online, including my account number, login email, contact email and password?

You can manage your account online within My Account, WOW!'s Online Account Manager

  • To log in you will need the email you selected as your Login Email and your password
  • If you've forgotten either one of those, you can get help on the login page
  • To register for online account access, you will need the last 4 digits of your account number, the account holder's last name and the service zip code.

How to Change Your Login Email, Contact Email or Password:

  • Login to My Account,
  • Look for the User Profiles section on the home screen
  • Select "Edit Profiles" or select "Manage Users" from the top right corner of the home page
  • Once in the Profiles section you can update your Contact Email, Login Email (aka username) and Password.

How to Access Your Account Number:

  • Your account number can be found on your most recent statement, or in the top right hand corner of the My Account home page.