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What is a WOW! Moment?

A WOW! Moment is an unexpected act of courtesy and kindness. Sometimes the moment can represent a large gesture, but more often than not it’s the little things that can make you smile or brighten your day. At WOW!, we strive to create these WOW! Moments for anyone we might encounter in the communities we serve. It’s part of our company culture. And we do it not just because it’s good business, but because we are committed to doing our part to make a positive difference in the lives that we touch.

Charlotte F

Columbus, Ohio
I have been a WOW! customer since you pretty much came into my area. I have had some minor issues with my cable that the techs have always been able to resolve. As soon as the phone service was added to my area I wanted that too. I called customer service and set up an appointment as well as created my bundle deal with them. The price was amazing and I was very excited to get rid of AT&T. The day the tech came to my house to install the phone line he said when he went in the basement he smelled gas. I said it was probably the dryer or furnance but would contact the landlord. I had been sick off and on for a couple of months with terrible headaches and sick to my stomach prior to them coming. The next day I went to leave and could smell gas very strongly outside the house. I called the gas company and they came out to check the house. I had a total of 7 gas leaks. 3 outside and 4 inside. The only thing that didn't kill me was the fact that the house was old and not insulated and the fact that the Tech notified me off the smell. I had had sinus surgery and couldn't smell it. I have had several offers from other cable providers to lure me away from WOW! and I always turn them down no matter how affordable their offer is. When they ask me why, I tell them that the WOW! tech saved my life and I am a very loyal person. No deal they can offer me can top that. I have since moved and upgraded my services again to HD and I am as happy with my services and care today as the first day I joined. Thank you WOW! for saving my life!

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