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What is a WOW! Moment?

A WOW! Moment is an unexpected act of courtesy and kindness. Sometimes the moment can represent a large gesture, but more often than not it’s the little things that can make you smile or brighten your day. At WOW!, we strive to create these WOW! Moments for anyone we might encounter in the communities we serve. It’s part of our company culture. And we do it not just because it’s good business, but because we are committed to doing our part to make a positive difference in the lives that we touch.

Stacy Morgan

Westerville, Ohio
We recently got a condo in Westerville for our kids and are required by the association to get Time Warner. Our home is WOW! service. The difference in customer service is amazing. Wow always talks to us in person and answers the phone immediately. If we have a problem most of the time you take care of it without us even having to be home, but if we are required to be home you give us an exact time. Time Warner to get service set up had me on hold for 55 minutes the first time and I had to hang up and the second time it was at least 45 minutes for the first person to answer and then they put me on hold for over 15 minutes again. Overall to schedule a set up appointment I was on the phone for 1hour 22minutes and had to wait a week and a half for an appointment. Then the appointment time was 9 am to 9 pm and they required you to be there the whole time. They did not call ahead. I sat all day until 5:20 when they came to set up. He was then there for over an hour and drilled a hole in our wood floor to run a cable and missed the spot and then drilled another hole in the floor. We now have a random hole in the floor. In the first week we had to call twice because our internet would not work. They had to do something on the network to make it work. We have only had to call WOW! 3 times in two years and have never been put on hold and have always been helped immediately with somebody coming to the house the next day if we needed assistance. THANKS!

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