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What is a WOW! Moment?

A WOW! Moment is an unexpected act of courtesy and kindness. Sometimes the moment can represent a large gesture, but more often than not it’s the little things that can make you smile or brighten your day. At WOW!, we strive to create these WOW! Moments for anyone we might encounter in the communities we serve. It’s part of our company culture. And we do it not just because it’s good business, but because we are committed to doing our part to make a positive difference in the lives that we touch.

Jillian Brinkley

Evansville, Indiana
I have been having a lot of trouble with my internet staying connected for the past month. I had one service call and thought the problem was fixed, but it came right back a few days later. When I called back this time, the man said they would send a supervisor out this time. Well, James came out today and after checking several different possibilities for my problems, he decided to go out and check the line at the pole. When he came back he said he found the problem! Apparently a squirrel had chewed through a large chunk of the wire. He had it replaced in no time and everything is wonderful!! Even the picture on my TV's has improved and I didn't think that was even a problem! Thank you James for that WOW! experience!!

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