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What is a WOW! Moment?

A WOW! Moment is an unexpected act of courtesy and kindness. Sometimes the moment can represent a large gesture, but more often than not it’s the little things that can make you smile or brighten your day. At WOW!, we strive to create these WOW! Moments for anyone we might encounter in the communities we serve. It’s part of our company culture. And we do it not just because it’s good business, but because we are committed to doing our part to make a positive difference in the lives that we touch.

Hallie Lukasik

Calumet City, Illinois
After a teck came out. The network guys looked over our setup. Then a few more folks got involved in our issues, which all took some time. The folks in dispatch sent out Robert. He went over ALL our set-up and local equipment with the intelegence and drive of a bloodhound on the hunt for problems or issues. What he found was several small issues. He started at the pole, and with knowledge and skill shot the entire network piece by every little piece down. He ended at the back of the DVR . My house is prewired (all thru pipe) and not the easiest to understand. He tore thru it with a full understanding of all local setups. Replaced my drop cable, best drop cable ever installed, highest one in site now! Noted a possible issue on the splitter setup. Forgive me, I am getting to carried away with his skill level. What I really wanted to say is, 1 Dang! Robert is good,  2 Thank you WOW! for people like Robert being part of your team and supporting him with the tools and gear he needs to take care of the small user like myself.  The issues I have been having for 3 months seem to have gone away when Robert left. Thanks WOW! and Robert.

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