Billing/Account Support

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Cable Services and Equipment

Monthly Fees
Broadcast TV Fee (required)
Sports Surcharge (required for Medium and Large Cable)
Digital Adapter
Digital Receiver
HD Receiver
ULTRA - 2 TV's
ULTRA - Additional Media Player
Digital Variety Pak* (Large Cable required)
HD Pak (Medium or Large Cable required)
here! OnDemand*
Karaoke OnDemand*
Arabic Language Tier (Medium Cable required) $21.00 
Sports Pak (Large Cable required) N/A 
Showtime/The Movie Channel*
VIEW! Monthly Channel Guide
* WOW! Advanced Equipment required. Channels not sold individually. WOW! Advanced Equipment includes a Digital Receiver, HD Receiver, DVR, HD DVR or ULTRA. Digital equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! Cable.

Internet Services and Equipment

Monthly Fees
Wireless Modem / Advanced Modem
WOW! Whole-Home WiFi w/ Modem**
WOW! Whole-Home WiFi No Modem**
WOW! Whole-Home WiFi Additional Beacon $5.99
Additional Email Address
WOW! Security^
**Agreement required
^ Customer must download after WOW! Internet is installed.

Phone Services and Equipment

Monthly Fees
Phone Modem Battery (one-time fee)
Advanced Modem Lease Fee (required)
Non-Published Number
Non-Listed Number
Additional Line for Home Phone
Additional Line for Home Phone Plus
Line ID Block
Additional Directory Listing
Alternate Directory Listing
Domestic Long Distance
International Long Distance (rates vary by country)

Installation and Service Rates

One-Time Fees
Service Protection Plan (per month)
Standard Installation
Install Additional Outlet/New/Rework/Relocate Outlet or Jack
Installation of Ethernet
Installation of Ethernet + Wall Fish
Home Networking Installation
Wall Fish (includes one outlet)
Service Reactivation Fee
Service Restart Fee
Technician Visit Service Charge
Downgrade Fee (no technician visit required)
Downgrade Fee (technician visit required)
Aerial Drop Bury
Bury Move/Aerial to Bury/Bury Outlet
Transfer Service
Late Payment Fee
Payment Convenience Fee (over the phone)
Payment Convenience Fee (at local office)
Paper Statement Fee
Missed Appointment Charge
Prices and price guarantees exclude applicable taxes, fees, surcharges (such as the Broadcast TV Fee), and other applicable charges (such as equipment, installation and service call charges, and measured, or other usage-based, or separately billed charges), including a Sports Surcharge of $2.00 per month and a Broadcast TV Fee. The current applicable Telephone Network Access Charge, Broadcast TV Fee and Sports Surcharge are not government-mandated taxes or fees, are subject to change, and will apply and vary depending upon your service location and the type of phone and cable services to which you subscribe. Compatible cable modem is required to receive certain services and is available for lease at $10.00 per month. WOW! Advanced Equipment includes a Digital Receiver, HD Receiver, DVR, HD DVR or ULTRA. WOW! Advanced Equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! Medium or Large Cable for Minimum Term and Large Cable for month-to-month plans. WOW! Advanced equipment required to receive WOW! OnDemand, DVR, HD and other digital services and may result in additional charges. HDTV and HD equipment required to receive HD programming. Internet is provisioned up to the speed indicated. Internet speeds not guaranteed and may vary. Internet performance may be impacted by your equipment and other factors outside of WOW!’s control. Phone service (including access to 911) is not available if you lose your broadband connection and, in the event of a power outage, is available only for the duration of backup power sources. Offers not valid with any other discount. Offers and services subject to change without notice. Please see WOW!’s complete terms and conditions or call WOW! for further information regarding services and offers. ©2018 WideOpenWest Finance, LLC.