About Programming

the cost of service

When you pay your monthly bill with WOW!, you’re essentially paying for two kinds of services. The first one represents the cost of maintaining and improving WOW!’s physical network. That includes everything from installing and maintaining technical facilities, paying employees to answer your call and come to your home to resolve problems, to normal operating expenses common to every business, like paying the electric bill and our taxes. WOW! works hard to keep these costs under control, and we operate more efficiently than many cable companies.

The second “service” you pay for is to cover the fees programmers charge for their channels. Today, about 45 cents of every dollar of your monthly bill for cable television goes to the programmers whose channels we carry. It takes money to produce quality programming, and reasonable increases are a fact of life. But recently, some programmers have demanded huge increases for certain networks, doubling or tripling their fees, or even more. To get these excessive price hikes, some programmers are willing to remove their networks from your channel line-up. WOW! does everything possible to prevent that from happening.