About Programming


A Simple Goal

WOW! provides cable television service with one simple goal: to offer every customer the very best TV experience possible at a value that makes sense to you and your family. Big content owners and media companies that supply your favorite shows to WOW! often have other priorities.

What's the Problem?

Today, just a handful of large, billion-dollar corporations own or control most of the existing TV networks and channels. These big media conglomerates often wield their tremendous power to entitle themselves at your family’s expense.

Their interests are not in line with yours. When it is time for WOW! to renew its programming agreements for TV networks and channels, these media companies often demand fee increases of 10% to 20% to even 100% or more as compared to what we are required to pay today. Other cable and satellite companies are faced with these same challenges as well. And when WOW! or other video providers try to stand up to these companies and defend you, these companies will often threaten to stop providing or actually "blackout" their content until we acquiesce to their greedy demands.

On Your Side!

As an independent cable company, WOW! has no conflicting interests or ownership affiliations with any media company. We focus on what’s best for our customers. That’s why we do everything possible to convince the big media companies to keep their prices reasonable and their shows and channels on WOW! without interruption.

WOW! is not a monopoly. We know you have a number of video service providers to choose from and we appreciate your choosing WOW!