About Programming


Why did WOW! drop this station from my channel lineup?

Actually WOW! did not drop this station from your lineup. WDVI temporarily pulled their channels from your lineup after WOW! refused their unacceptable fee increases. Our contract expired on December 31st. We have been working for several months to reach a fair agreement and asked them to let us keep their channels on while we continue to negotiate a fair agreement. They refused.

Why is WDVI asking me to call WOW! to bring the channel back?

WOW! must have permission from each TV station to keep carrying their channels, and WDVI is demanding excessive fees for their permission. After they pulled each channel from your lineup, they’re attempting to use your loyalty to apply pressure as we continue working to bring this service back at a reasonable value.

Why doesn’t WOW! just give WDVI what they want?

We believe their current demands are extreme. Giving into this unreasonable demand would put even more pressure on the price you pay for cable TV. WOW! wants to bring you the best TV choice and value -- that’s why we’re working to reach a fair agreement with WDVI.

Why shouldn’t I switch to another TV provider so I don’t have to worry about WOW!’s problems with these corporations?

Unfortunately, that won’t help. The American Television Alliance reports that TV blackouts hit a record in 2015, affecting 12 million Americans. Since 2010, millions of Americans have seen dark screens instead of watching their favorite channels due to 725 broadcaster blackouts. It’s happening to every major TV provider, and the problem gets worse every year. Several providers have come out in public support of one another to help get rid of these unnecessary disruptions once and for all.

So what should I do?

Remember that your patience has a direct impact on your monthly bill. WOW! is working to keep your bill as low as possible – not these corporations. The greedy corporations are some of the country’s biggest media conglomerates, using all its resources to upset you so you’ll think about switching, and ultimately, pay more for the same thing.

We urge you to let WOW! work for you, and stay informed.