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We’re here to power your connections

The best Internet connection is one you don’t even notice. It lets you play, work, watch, or whatever without pause—literally. That’s why we’re here. And as a long-standing winner of best customer service in the industry, we can be one of the biggest broadband providers in the country—with high-speed Internet up to 1 Gig, TV and voice—and bring a personalized touch to your Internet connection.

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Our Values

Our philosophy is simple. We deliver an employee and customer experience that lives up to our name in all of our dealings, no matter how great or small. Our ongoing commitment to provide excellent service and create stress-free experiences for our customers is exemplified in our core values:

  • Respect: Treat others as you wish to be treated - know your customer.

  • Integrity: Choose to do what’s right.

  • Spirit of Service: Provide the WOW! experience by being reliable, easy to work with and pleasantly surprising to each other and to our customers every time.

  • Accountability: Deliver value enhancing work on time and as needed, utilizing our resources in their highest and best use.

If we were a person, we'd likely be described as honest, sincere and likable. We are fun-loving. We like who we are. We love what we do. And we appreciate the people we serve. We're a company of people who derive genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, and our customers. Which means doing things a little differently than most telecom companies. Like treating people as members of the human race, for starters. Fostering positive customer experiences at all transaction points. And taking a more personalized approach to serving our customers. This personalized approach includes providing solutions that are thoughtful and affordable. Delivering service that is not just responsive and satisfactory, but utterly personable. Honoring your time, and our word. Being totally accountable for our actions. Giving you reason to believe in us. Not what you'd expect from a cable company, is it? Welcome to WOW!.

We Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WOW! does not tolerate hate. Recent events have highlighted the specific issues facing minority and marginalized communities and have helped us see the hurt they’ve endured due to discrimination, microaggressions, and violence inflicted on them. These are complex issues requiring thoughtful and purposeful solutions and we want to let our customers know - WOW! is committed to being part of a sustainable solution. We condemn all forms of racism, bigotry, hate and systemic oppression. Racism in all its forms has no place in WOW!’s work environment and falls under our zero-tolerance policy. While we have diversity programs and initiatives in place, we know we need to do more. We’re working on a formal Inclusion and Belonging program for our employees that focuses on fostering a more inclusive workplace. We are actively exploring more ways we can contribute to the dismantling of institutionalized racism and systemic bias. We’re committed to self-reflection and being part of the solution. We are encouraging our employees to advocate for racial equity. We provide our employees with paid-time-off to volunteer in their communities, including exercising their First Amendment right to participate in organized peaceful protests to combat racism and discrimination. We have also made a financial contribution to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund in support of the fight for racial justice. In addition, we will use our voice on social media to regularly highlight and raise awareness of issues the Black community faces, as well as to celebrate their victories. We’re committed to doing more. We will examine our recruiting and hiring practices to ensure we reach out to diverse communities. We will seek out ways to support minority- and women-owned businesses and uplift diverse voices on our social media platforms. We encourage you to educate yourself with an open mind and an open heart, and find ways you can also be part of the solution.

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A WOW! Moment is an unexpected act of courtesy and kindness. Sometimes the moment can represent a large gesture, but more often than not it’s the little things that can make you smile or brighten your day. At WOW!, we strive to create these WOW! Moments for anyone we might encounter in the communities we serve.

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