Offer Availability

Offer is available to new residential customers who are serviceable for cable, Internet, and phone. Offers not valid with any other discount unless expressly approved in writing by WOW!. Offers and services, along with equipment pricing, taxes, fees, and other charges subject to change during and after any promotional period without notice. Please see WOW!’s complete Terms and Conditions or call WOW! for further information regarding services and offers.

Pricing, Taxes & Fees

For 24-month bundle agreements: in months 13-24, the bundle rate will increase, and after 24 months, the bundle rate will increase to the regular rate.

For 24-month Internet-only agreements: the Internet rate will increase to the regular rate after 24 months. Pricing subject to change.

Please call WOW! for more details. Pricing subject to change.

30-Day Guarantee

After a 30-day guarantee period, an early termination fee of up to $345 will apply if you cancel your service during the term of your agreement. This early-termination fee will decrease by $15 each month during your 2-year agreement. For eligibility and terms of money-back guarantee view our Terms and Conditions.

Prices and price guarantees exclude applicable taxes, fees, surcharges and cost recovery fees, and other applicable charges (such as equipment, installation and service call charges, and measured, or other usage-based, or separately billed charges), including a sports surcharge of $2.00 per month and broadcast TV fee. The current applicable subscriber line charge, network line fee, broadcast TV fee and sports surcharge are not government-mandated taxes or fees, are subject to change, and will apply and vary depending upon your service location and the type of phone and cable services to which you subscribe.


Compatible cable modem is required to receive certain services and is available for lease at $10.00 per month. A WOW! cable modem is required to receive 1 Gig Internet service. WiFi service with 1 Gig requires additional WiFi equipment. WOW! Power WiFi is available for lease at $10.00 per month with a 2-year 1 Gig agreement. WOW! Advanced equipment includes a digital receiver, HD receiver, DVR, HD DVR or ULTRA. WOW! Advanced equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! Medium or Large cable for minimum term bundles and Large cable for month-to-month plans. WOW! Advanced equipment is required to receive WOW! On-Demand, DVR, HD, and other digital services and may result in additional charges. HDTV and HD equipment is required to receive HD programming. ULTRA equipment is required to receive ULTRA service, WOW! On-Demand and other digital services and will result in additional charges. ULTRA is only available with Internet 100 service. You must lease a media gateway (modem) to receive ULTRA service and must lease a media player for each TV (up to five or six per household, depending upon the model of your media gateway equipment) on which you wish to enable ULTRA features. Digital equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! Cable and will result in additional charges.

Internet Speed Availability & Streaming

Netflix streaming membership is required to stream Netflix using any WOW! video or Internet services. Dlna™ software is required to access personal content between your computer and TV. Internet is provisioned up to the speed indicated. Internet speeds not guaranteed and may vary. Wireless speeds may vary and are subject to limitation of WiFi network protocols (currently up to roughly 650 Mbps) and the capacity of the device on the network. Internet performance may be impacted by your equipment, number of users/device, and other factors outside of WOW!'s control. 1 Gig is not available in some areas.


WOW!’s broadband-enabled phone service (including access to 911) is not available if you lose your broadband connection.

Privacy Policy

WOW! is committed to maintaining robust privacy protections for users of its services. Our Privacy Policies (“Privacy Policies”) are designed to help you understand how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide to us or that we otherwise obtain from you as you use the service and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our services. We have a Privacy Policy for our customers who subscribe to our services, and we have a separate Privacy Policy for persons who visit and use our website, whether they are WOW! customers or not. Our Privacy Policies are available on our website for you to review. As described more fully in those Policies, we collect Non-Personal Information and Personal Information.” Non-Personal Information includes information that cannot be used to personally identify you, such as anonymous usage data, general demographic information that we may collect, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform types, preferences you submit and preferences that are generated based on the data you submit and number of clicks. Personal Information includes information that can personally identify you such as your email, name and phone number, which you may submit to us through a registration process at our website or otherwise as a customer of WOW!.

Please contact us for more details.

Last Revision 11/19/19.