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At WOW!, we understand that just about everyone has a cell phone but nothing can replace the reliability of a dedicated home phone line.

In the events of severe weather, poor cell phone coverage, and batteries dying, you can’t always count on your cell phone. We recommend a backup plan.

WOW!’s Home Phone plans provide:

  • That extra level of safety and security if you ever have to call 911.
  • The excellent voice quality for your home office where a reliable and clear call is important to the success of your sales pitch.
  • Connectivity to security gates, alarm systems and fax machines that often require a landline phone.
  • Dependable landline coverage where cell phone coverage is spotty or does not exist.
  • Service for family members who prefer a home phone over a cell phone.
  • All the features you'd expect from a home phone service. For a list of features, click here

International Rates

To view the international calling rates, select the first letter of the country you are interested in.

If a country is not listed, WOW! does not provide service to that country.

Online Management

Messages Anywhere

No need to be home to check your voicemail. WOW!’s online voicemail management lets you check your voicemail online from anywhere.

Online Voicemail management is included for customers with WOW! Internet and WOW! phone.

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This is in regards to the recent outage. Comcast could learn a ton from your business. I am so glad that I am with you for all my services and AT&T may make some pretty tempting offers but I wouldn't change you for love nor money! You can be so proud ...
- Toni P, Shelby Twp, Michigan
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