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1 GIG Internet is now available:

Auburn, AL
Augusta, GA
Charleston, SC
Chicago City, IL
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
Evansville, IN
Huntsville, AL
Knoxville, TN
Panama City, FL
Pinellas, FL
Valley, AL

1 GIG Internet is coming soon to:

Columbus, GA
Montgomery, AL

gigtopia takes you to an extraordinary place.


WOW! Gigtopia produces opportunities and connects users like never before. 1 GIG is not just a number, it’s a path to communication and productivity at an all-new level. See for yourself.


It’s not just more bandwidth. It’s the infrastructure to keep pace with tomorrow.

with gigtopia your city becomes:

A magnet for innovation and economic development. More desirable for employers, residents and students.
More valuable to property and business owners. More sustainable thanks to seamless telecommuting.

IN GIGTOPIA, your business is without limits. or even a zip code.

It’s the bandwidth to help you grow, succeed and stay connected with the world.

gigtopia makes running a business easier than ever:

Your productivity kicks into overdrive with our fastest internet. Quickly update your website and take advantage of new cloud-based services to better serve customers.
You have the bandwidth to easily add more employees and point-of-sale technologies. Enjoy the freedom of working from home without compromise.
It’s the peace of mind knowing that as business grows, WOW! 1 GIG keeps pace.

in gigtopia your life is elevated and prepared for what’s next.

you can download:

25 songs
in 1 second

a TV show
in 3 seconds

a video game
in 3 seconds

an HD movie
in 36 seconds

Countless devices. The connected home. Virtual reality. The possibilities are endless.

gigtopia makes everyday life better:

Worry-Free: You, friends, family, and guests can connect to all of your devices.

Better Education: A reliable, fast internet connection enhances studying and is built for today’s on-line classroom.

Stay Connected: Your favorite video chat apps never ran smoother as you stay in touch with family and friends all over the world.

Future Proof: No matter where technology takes us next, you have the internet connection ready to handle it.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my internet staying connected for the past month. I had one service call and thought the problem was fixed, but it came right back a few days later. When I called back this time, the man said they would send a ...
- Jillian Brinkley, Evansville, Indiana
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