Coming Soon

Coming Soon

WOW! is building you a choice in providers in the following communities within our current markets:

  • Auburn, AL
  • Montgomery/Prattville (Montgomery, AL)
  • Marysville, OH (Columbus)
  • Delaware, OH (Columbus)
  • North Ridgeville, OH (Cleveland)
  • Parma Heights, OH (Cleveland)
  • Livonia, MI (SE Michigan)
  • Grosse Pointe Shores, MI (SE Michigan)
  • Evansville, IN
    • Creekside – Evansville, IN
    • Mels Drive – Evansville, IN
    • Willow Estates – Newburgh, IN
    • Pine Valley – Newburgh, IN
    • Oak Park – Newburgh, IN
    • Mia Court – Newburgh, IN
    • Brookstone – Newburgh, IN

Before you have WOW! as a choice in your neighborhood, we'll need to perform a fair amount of construction. Here’s what you should expect when we come into your area to bring our state-of-the-art network.

  1. Identifying Public Easements and Right of Ways
    Our network is brought through existing utility easements (gas, electric, water and sewer lines) or through the right of way (type of easement granted or reserved over the land for transportation purposes). We identify these easements when we are building in a neighborhood and make sure to stay within these areas.


  2. Locate Markings

    WOW! is required to make arrangements with the appropriate utilities contact to locate existing underground utilities before beginning construction. These are usually marked with wash-away paint or flags in the ground. You can help by marking any sprinkler systems, invisible dog fences or private lighting wires that are in the utility easement. If the lines will be installed overhead (aerial), you may see our crews inspecting the utility poles and doing minor tree trimming as needed.

    Specific state requirements are as follows:

    • AL – Required to call Alabama One call 811 48-hours in advance of construction.
    • IL – Required to call JULIE 72-hours in advance of construction.
    • IN – Required to call Indiana 811 48-hours in advance of construction.
    • MI – Required to make arrangements with Miss Dig 72-hours in advance of construction
    • OH – Required to make arrangements with OUPS and other utilities to locate the existing underground utilities 3-5 days before construction begins.


  3. Increased Traffic and Machinery
    There will be increased traffic both with machinery and personnel for a short period of time. We do our best to minimize disruptions and will communicate with a homeowner if a piece of machinery needs to be left in an easement overnight. WOW! crews can be identified by the WOW! logo on their trucks and photo ID badges. If you notice a vehicle or individual that is not identified in this manner, please bring it to our attention.


  4. Excavation and Restoration
    In certain locations, it is necessary for holes to be dug in order to access our facilities. These holes are only dug in the recorded utility easement or Road Right of Way. Majority are dug by hand, however, some may require a small backhoe. We understand how much time, money and effort you put into your lawn. Please trust that we will be conscientious and return everything to its original condition.


  5. Activation
    Once construction comes to a finish, we will notify our new neighbors that WOW! services are now available. You might have a visit from one of our friendly Residential Sales Consultants, receive a door tag or even a mail piece letting you know you now have a choice.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience during this exciting time.