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Augusta, Georgia

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Augusta, Georgia

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The second oldest and largest city in Georgia, Augusta is bursting with southern charm. Downtown Augusta is filled with tree-lined streets, antebellum homes, and revitalized 19th century buildings, all highlighted by the picturesque Savannah River. The Augusta Canal National Heritage Area built in 1845 is the nation's only industrial power canal still in use for its original purpose. Strolling down the famous Riverwalk Augusta, visitors can find cafes, bistros, pubs, art galleries and boutiques. There are several museums nearby including Fort Discovery and the National Science Center. Live music can be heard along downtown's Board Street in the many pubs and coffeehouses. Many famous people have hailed from Augusta, including Hulk Hogan, Amy Grant, Lawrence Fishburne and it was President Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home. Last but not least, Augusta is home to golf's most prestigious tournament, the annual Masters Tournament which draws over a quarter of a million people every April.


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