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Too Many Channels

“I only Watch 20 Channels – Why do I Have to Pay for So Many?”

You deserve more choice and control over the TV programming you pay for, especially when it comes to the most basic TV services. To bring you that choice, we listen to requests from our many diverse customers. And we pay attention to national ratings that indicate viewer interest in every network. WOW! digital technology creates a lot of “shelf space” for hundreds of networks, but even that space is finite – no cable company has room for every network available.

You only want to pay for the channels that appeal to you and your family. But the big programming networks have other ideas. They own most of the channels you want, as well as most of the channels you don’t want. And they won’t let you have the most popular programs unless other networks are added to your basic programming services. They need more viewers – and money -- for these less-popular channels. So, in exchange for permitting WOW! to bring you the shows you want, programmers obligate all WOW! customers also to pay for networks you don’t care about.

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Imagine running into a convenience store for a Coke, and then being told that you can’t buy the Coke unless you also buy a Mountain Dew, a Sprite, and a Gatorade. That’s how one channel becomes four, five, or more on your channel lineup and the costs go up. As your cable company, we’d like to begin changing that to provide you more choice, more control and greater value as YOU want it.