And We're Coming to Your Neighborhood

We're WOW! and we provide reliable Internet, Cable TV and Phone services at fair prices that are guaranteed. On top of that we believe you deserve great customer service and that's why we make it a point to live up to our name in all we do. We've been serving communities in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana since 1996 and we have received the highest accolades for our commitment to service, in an industry where that's not so common. We're happy to be your new neighbor and a member of your community.

We're pleased to announce that you'll have a choice in Internet, cable TV and phone services in the following community:

  • Cleveland: Brunswick (started Fall 2013)
    To see up-to-date construction progress in Brunswick, click here.

Who We Are

At WOW!, we take pride in doing things a little differently than other cable companies.

Some of the things we do differently include:

  • Making our offers clear and easy to understand
  • Offering easy installation options, including flexible appointment windows
  • Listening to and genuinely caring about our customers
  • Resolving customer issues in one call
  • Providing local offices to better serve you

But you don't have to take our word for it. Time and time again we've been ranked a top provider. Awards are great, but what we really care about is what our customers think of us, and judging by their kind words, we seem to be doing something right. Check out to see what our customers are saying.


Construction Information

Before you have WOW! as a choice in your neighborhood, we'll need to perform a fair amount of construction. You'll see our vans and trucks on your streets. We'll be accessing public easements and may even have to edge up to your property line. We understand that construction can be messy, but rest assured we won't leave a mess behind. What we will leave behind is a state-of-the-art network and a firm commitment to the customers we serve. You can read some of our Frequently Asked Questions about construction here.

As construction comes to a finish, we will be notifying our new neighbors that WOW! services are available. If you would like to be one of the first to be notified, please click below to fill out a form and we'll contact you when our services are available.


      But you don't have to take our word for it. Time and time again we've been ranked a top provider. Awards are great, but what we really care about is what our customers think of us, and judging by their kind words, we seem to be doing something right. Check out to see what our customers are saying.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does WOW! know where the underground utilities are?
      Our crews rely on "locates," the paint or flags on the ground indicating the location of other utilities, which are placed there by those utilities. Our crews must hand-dig any "locate" area that we need to cross. This is to verify that we do not impact existing utilities. If you find any damage to your current utility services please notify your current service provider so we can work with them to assess the damages and restore services.

      I have an underground sprinkler system. How will you know where it is?
      If you have an underground sprinkler system, we understand that it's most likely winterized and may be difficult to locate or mark, but we ask you to please do your best to let us know it's there by spray-painting or placing flags in the vicinity of the sprinkler system.

      If you believe that our construction team has damaged your sprinkler system, please contact us so we can investigate and repair the system.

      (NOTE: If the sprinkler system is damaged during the winter you probably won't know until the weather warms up.)

      I have invisible dog fence. How will you know where it is? We ask that you mark any areas where there is invisible dog fence with spray paint or flags.

      Occasionally invisible dog fences are damaged with our hand shovels. Please notify us if you believe the fence has been damaged so we can make investigate and repair the system.

      What is an Easement?
      An easement grants another person partial access to a portion of land for a specific purpose. The most common easements are those granted to public utilities to run lines on or under your private property.

      What does the construction process consist of?
      In some areas, we will place our cables in underground easements using a directional drill machine, known as the Horizontal Directional Drill, or HDD method. Cable will be placed at a depth of 24" - 36".

      Will this damage my yard?
      WOW! will restore the easement area to its pre-construction condition. Restoration to excavated areas may take repeated visits. As settling occurs we may need to revisit these areas. The on-site crews will do everything they can to salvage the existing sod in exposed areas. Grass seed may be used when needed, and some areas may require new sod to be placed.

        In 2014, we only have plans to expand
        into Brunswick in the Cleveland area.
        We will update this page if we expand into
        other communities in 2014
        with additional information.

       To see if WOW! service is available
       at your address, please
      click here.

        Local Brunswick Contact
        10221 Sweet Valley Dr.
        Valley View, Ohio 44125
        Austin Steinmetz