Choice, Control and Value

A Simple Goal
WOW! provides cable television service with one simple goal: to offer every customer the very best TV experience possible. That means delivering all the shows you enjoy at a value that makes sense to your family. Big programming networks that supply those shows to WOW! often have other priorities.

What's the Problem?
Today, just six multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control about 90% of existing TV networks and their programs. These big media conglomerates often wield their tremendous power to entitle themselves at your family’s expense. Many of these network owners also happen to be cable operators and they’re among WOW!’s biggest competitors. At times, their interests may not be in line with yours. They may demand fee increases that are double, triple, or even more for the same programs and experience. And if WOW! or other video providers try to defend you, they aren’t afraid to stop all transmissions and walk away until their demands are met.

As an independent cable company, WOW! has no ownership connections with any programmers or any conflicting interests – we focus exclusively on what’s best for our customers.


What's the Solution?
We never want you to lose your programming – WOW! values your business, we know you have a number of other video providers to choose from and we appreciate your choosing us. That’s why we’ll do everything possible to prevent programmers from removing any of your favorite shows or events from your cable service.

Other cable and satellite companies are faced with the same challenges. Programmers initiate a dispute and then encourage customers to change providers. But that’s never a solution because the same programmer will do the same thing to the next provider serving your community. In the end, everyone winds up paying a lot more simply to retain what they already had.


So What Can You Do?
Stay Informed, Relax and Let WOW! Work For You.

Your patience has a direct impact on your monthly bill. When you see or hear threatening ads, just know that’s how programmers try to make you emotional enough to consider switching and ultimately pay more for the same thing. When programmers decide to pull channels, they often use scare tactics designed to raise viewers’ blood pressure. You can count on WOW! for the straight story, and for practical solutions to any temporary inconvenience programmers may inflict.